The Orchards of Concklin celebrated 300 years – 11 generations – of family farming in Pomona with speeches, vendors, and activities as a crowd of excited, high-spirited locals came out for a July 4 birthday party held at the farm.

Located at South Mountain Road and Route 45, the Orchards of Concklin is one of a handful of farms left in Rockland County and is reputed to be the eighth oldest family business in all of America.

“When I look out, I see friends I’ve known for 30 years and those I met yesterday,” said Linda Concklin, thanking everyone for coming and supporting. “We can’t run this place without the help of community.”

Thirty years ago some local teenagers looking for part-time work and something to do over the summer began working on the farm. Those same “kids” are still there helping out when the Concklins need it, according to Linda’s brother, Richard. “During the summer, our busy season, we have something like 80 people working here,” he said.

Linda Concklin believes a sense of duty imbues their work. She said, “It is important for us to take care of our land so that it remains as productive for the next 300 years as it has for the last 300.”

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