Play Ball in Theills

February 1, 2013  By 95 Comments

Theills, approximately 45 minutes from Manhattan, is a hamlet in the town of Haverstraw in Rockland County, with many parks and ball fields for children and adults.

Soccer registration is now open for the spring!  The program will cover dribbling and foot skills, passing, shooting, and fundamental game skills, all developed for children to learn and have fun on the soccer field. The field is located at 360 Willow Grove Road in Theills.

Rosman Park, located on Woodbridge Drive and Gleason Drive in Theills, provides 6 acres of open maintained field which is available for various sports teams. The park is open all year from dawn until dusk.

Thiells Mt. Ivy Ball fields located on Thiells/Mt.Ivy Road, offers two baseball and/or softball fields with sixty foot bases and backstops. Fields are used for various sport teams. A nature walking or jogging path along the Mineceongo creek is available for the public. The town of Haverstraw stocks the Mineceongo creek every year with trout usually in late March or early fall for people interested in fishing. The ball fields are open to the general public

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